supersonic (oasis cover) | 09/25/20



Supersonic is a modern electronic/alternative take on a classic 90's rock anthem.

I tried to make it sonically modern while maintaining the energy and grit of the original track. I love 90's alternative music and am trying to translate the things that I dig from it into my own music.

I'm a die hard Oasis fan, when I was still pretty young I had a babysitter who got me interested in all kinds of music. We would be listening to Oasis' 'Champagne Supernova' in the car and the next song would have been something like Terror Squad's 'Lean Back'. He had eclectic taste and it has definitely shaped the way that I've written music throughout my life. Also shoutout to Scott Storch cause he's still making some of the best hip hop music today... almost 20 years later.



innerkid is a pursuit in self-realization through music and art. It's roots are firmly in alternative rock and it's branches reach into experimental and electronic landscapes. It is the contributor's, Dawson Carroll, escape from the real world. Writing and producing all of the music himself, it is innerkid's goal to continually push the envelope both sonically and contextually.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas he discovered his love for writing songs and playing live at an early age. His passion for recording and producing began just before he started high school, he put out his first self-produced EP not long after his freshman year. The love only grew deeper as he grew older and continued to write and record new music, putting out a full-length album by the time he was 19. The album was funded through Kickstarter, also self-produced. After living in Austin, Texas for a few years, playing live, and going to school he decided to change his musical identity; innerkid was born.

It has become the field of expression for Carroll as he navigates his 20's (he'll turn 25 later this year). A mode in which unique and sometimes unpleasant thoughts are dug up and examined in the public eye. Like a completely unwarranted thought that changes your life, innerkid aims to deal with the other side of our consciousness. It's about personal exploration and then in turn personal change. This is innerkid.

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photos taken by Justin Calvillo


CONTACT  | Dawson Carroll | | 214-918-0307 | Austin, TX

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