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so you love not yourself | 08/28/20


So You Love Not Yourself is an alt-pop song with heavy electronic influence. A real-time realization about a deficiency in self-love and confidence. The switch up during the middle of the song signifies the freedom that comes with such a realization and is solidified by the imagery of being ‘trapped inside’ oneself. 

“I was in a mental trench during a super low moment after quitting a tour last year so I locked myself in my studio and poured everything into this song. What I ended up realizing was that I didn’t have any love for myself at that moment, and that it was on me to pull myself out of the trench. Once I turned my focus to me and what I could do to improve myself everything seemed to get a little lighter. My hope is that this song can help lift that weight for someone else too.”

The song title comes from Marcus Aurelius' book Meditations 5:1 - "So you love not yourself, for if you did, you would love your nature and her will."



innerkid came from Austin native Dawson Carroll’s desire to artistically pursue self-realization. The crisp alt pop with electronic undertones is finely tuned to feel intentional and yet imperfect.

After Carroll graduated high school he finished writing and recording a full length album, raised money on Kickstarter for the release, and played shows in Austin from 2015-2017. Sensing the need for change he moved to Boston where he attended Berklee College of Music to study songwriting and music production. He dropped out in 2018 and immediately began touring with the band MISSIO as a roadie/stage tech. Finally returning to Austin in 2019 the artist began a new chapter as innerkid.

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photos taken by Justin Calvillo


CONTACT  | Dawson Carroll | | 214-918-0307 | Austin, TX

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