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new single: I Lied   Release: 04/24/20


i lied

The newest alt pop concoction from bedroom artist innerkid is an anthem bursting with energy and aggression. The artist recalls his mindset when writing the song, 

"The last 3 years went by pretty fast for me. I moved to 3 different cities, I spent a lot of time traveling, and I learned a lot about myself. It's been super hard to balance music and life and this was one of the first songs that I wrote last year. It's about me realizing that we have the freedom to choose how we live our lives. You can believe this, they can believe that, and I can quote The Big Lebowski in my lyrics."

The song is about breaking down personal boundaries and admitting who you are. It features a groove that drags on the ground picked up by synths that touch the sky. The song is built on a guitar riff and a drum loop that evolve into two defining moments which are distinctly placed. 


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innerkid came from Austin native Dawson Carroll’s desire to artistically pursue self-realization. The crisp alt pop with electronic undertones is finely tuned to feel intentional and yet imperfect.

After Carroll graduated high school he finished writing and recording a full length album, raised money on Kickstarter for the release, and played shows in Austin from 2015-2017. Sensing the need for change he moved to Boston where he attended Berklee College of Music to study songwriting and music production. He dropped out in 2018 and immediately began touring with the band MISSIO as a roadie/stage tech. Finally returning to Austin in 2019 the artist began to write new music and decided to focus on a different and more modern sound.

Carroll spends hours in his home studio writing/recording and then sends off his songs to his friend and mix/mastering engineer David Kim (Selena Gomez, Beyonce) in LA. The bedroom artist plans on releasing his debut EP later this year.


CONTACT  | Dawson Carroll | | 214-918-0307 | Austin, TX

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