the newest single meteor releases 03/20/20



The song is about inspiration. How do I catch it in a jar and keep it and how do I translate it to other people? I kept imagining my inspiration as a singular thing, like a muse, and I tried to express how it made me feel while I was around it. Cause it never stays. It comes and it goes and it flows through your fingers and you never know when it’ll come back. I feel the grip of it one day and the next day I could be crazy depressed or something, so I wonder how I can hold onto it. But when it’s here - oh God when it’s here - it feels like it’s ripping through your head, captivating you every second that it’s around you. I want people to feel that exact same feeling when they hear the song. That sensation of everything happening right then in that moment - when it all makes perfect sense. Nothing else matters, everything feels different, and you get to escape your reality. That’s what the song is about and that’s why I wrote it.


I feel you coming and you’re easy

It’s like you’ve missed me

But we never met

Under the summer it got freaky

I watched you breathing

From out of my head

Leaning over like you did

I wish it never had to end

When you’re here you take me in

Words aren’t even making sense

Meteors inside my head

Ripping through the images

Make everything go red

Now I think I’m getting it


I’ll treat you badly when I’m zoned out

I take my own route

And leave you behind

Just how correctly can I mark it

To keep it locked in

I want it all of the time

Leaning over like you did

I wish it never had to end

When you’re here you take me in

Words aren’t even making sense

Rain is falling in July

Gray and blue and pink and white

Pain is different from the side

Lay your head and close your eyes

Take the time to realize

Wipe the tired from your eyes

Pain is different from the side

Pain is different from


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innerkid came from Austin native Dawson Carroll’s desire to artistically pursue self-realization. The crisp alt pop with dark electronic undertones is finely tuned to feel intentional and yet imperfect. Struggling with his identity after dropping out of college and moving into a laundry room in South Austin, Carroll began to explore new methods of songwriting and music production. It was during this time that his method of careful and particular sound design mixed with nuanced songwriting was born. “Looking at yourself with intense and unbroken focus. Pulling out something raw and unclean. Slapping it on a silver platter, adding a little bit of salt & pepper, and then plating it just right. That’s what innerkid is about.” The artist says that every detail is intentional and every song tells a story. Carroll spends hours in his home studio writing/recording and then sends off his songs to his friend and mix/mastering engineer David Kim (Selena Gomez, Beyonce) in LA. This year will be the first of many for innerkid as he continues to release singles for the next several months. He plans on releasing his debut EP later this year as the final touches are still being worked on.


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